" We would have never found each other or formed this company without 1.5. "

— Founder, 1.5° Ventures Portfolio Company

1.5° Ventures is looking for mission-driven founders or founding teams with stellar management skills, a strong go-to market-mindset, pragmatic proven problem-solving & technical capabilities, and great collaborative abilities


Decarbonization First

How We're Different

Our focus is on finding opportunities that have the highest impact—solutions which maximally reduce greenhouse gasses and will scale quickly and sustainably. We filter everything through these three gates:


How big is the CO2e impact?


How big and accessible is the market?


How mature and feasible is the technology?

We've got everything you need to launch and grow your climate tech business

We are using our vast network and entrepreneurial experience to foster startups which find impact opportunities in the climate crisis and develop highly scalable and effective businesses that greatly reduce or even eliminate emissions. From ideation through mentoring and financial support, we nurture at an early stage and support for the future. We are founder friendly and ready to roll.


 Maximize decarbonization impact through building rapidly scalable, sustainable, and profitable businesses.


Feel like you're missing someone you need to succeed? Our network of tech- and business entrepreneurs as well as researchers and builders means that we can help you gather your team.


We maintain and curate a list of impactful business ideas, refined by experts and ready for you to start executing. Or, bring your own, and we can help you maximize your climate impact and bring it to life.


Connect with corporates to get your first pilots running, researchers to get the best technology, government for access to public funds, investors for continued growth, and other like-minded founders to help you along your journey.


Take advantage of our experience to proactively avoid problems so you can reach product-market fit, fast. With our extended advisors we can cover even the most esoteric issues, saving you invaluable time and letting you concentrate on execution.


You will arrive at Series A with a clean termsheet, excellent cap table, a compelling business case, and as many warm intros as it takes. Our deal is simple: Target of 8% post-seed and a 50k success fee.


Work with us to found your climate tech startup!

Found with us!