Spark e-Fuels

To achieve carbon-neutrality in 2050, sustainable solutions need to be developed in all sectors. Aviation is under great pressure, due the current fossil technologies, long lifetimes of planes, and large share of global CO2 emissions, currently reaching about 2-3% globally and 4% within the EU.

Sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) are a key solution to push aviation towards emission reductions. Bio-based SAF is a great first solution, but no silver bullet, due to feedstock limitations and a broad variety in emission reduction level. E-fuels show high potential but are still immature, suffering from high cost and low efficiency.

The rapid growth of SAF demand requires a new type of organization that integrates the current partial solutions to build a robust end-to-end value chain. Spark has a clear customer-centric approach with the goal to close current and future demand-supply gaps and achieve cost-competitive production of sustainable e-fuels at scale.

By optimizing the production steps with least maturity and developing a full process design that leverages existing infrastructure and technologies, Spark addresses the most relevant bottlenecks for the role out of e-fuels: high cost, low volumes and limited sustainability. With this novel approach Spark thrives to deliver sustainable e-fuels for a sustainable aviation industry.